Team Culture

Team Culture

teamOur Culture statement reflects the core Values, Skills and Behaviours that we have recognised as being important. The list contains values that we want our company to represent based on each of us contributing to its Reputation. It also has behaviours and skills that make working here a positive experience knowing that each of us contributes to making this a reality. We know that as our Stakeholders recognise this behaviour in us, it will contribute to their experience of our company that will win their loyalty and respect.

Honesty and Integrity

Honesty and Integrity are our Guiding Values and we will
do what is Right for our Stakeholders and each other.

Positive Attitude and Excellence

A Positive Attitude and Excellence empowers us to make our work environment a great place to be. Our People are the foundation of our Success, we appreciate and recognise their contributions and Encourage Passion, Energy, Inspiration, Innovation, Determination and Achievement through Teamwork and is Essential for the Success and Sustainability of our Business.

Customer Service

At XLB Group we listen, discuss and work cohesively with our Stakeholders to understand their requirements and pro-actively assist in verification and solution implementation to meet Stakeholder Objectives and Project Milestones. We are committed to “Deliver a WOW Experience” and strive for Continuous Improvement and Enhanced Customer Satisfaction.


Good enough is not Good enough, we believe that to be an Industry Leader in Quality takes Excellence, Determination and Commitment of every member of our Team to raise the bar on Quality providing a Higher Level of Service and Competence ahead of the competition.

Courtesy and Consistency.

Strong teams are built on personal relationships and genuine caring for each other. We ask co-workers how they are doing and listen to what they say. We recognise that clear communications takes effort. We know that each of us have our ups and downs but will consistently make an effort to be courteous to each other.

Knowledge and Skills

It doesn’t take long for Knowledge and Skills to become outdated in a fast-changing world. We must constantly up-skill ourselves to become experts in our chosen field. Our company believes training our people is the key to successful careers.


Creativity and independent thinking are part of our Business Strategy. Embracing change and opportunity is what brought us to where we are today and will shape our future success. We take personal responsibility for searching out the most effective way of achieving best practices and higher quality results.

Family First

We must take care of our Families First. This does not mean that there will not be inconveniences, but we must Balance our Priorities between Family and Work. Create fun and Embrace Family Spirit.

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